Veterans Plaza's Digital Wall of Honor

A primary objective of the Veterans Plaza of Northern Colorado is to pay tribute to all US military men and women.  We do this by asking for nominations of veterans (by family, friends, or self-nominations), and then posting a short description of their military service on one of our two touch-screen monitors which reside at the physical Veterans Plaza in Fort Collins, Colorado, as well as on the website below.

Any US military veteran, from any state, may be honored by having his or her name listed at the Plaza at no charge.  A veteran is someone who served in the United States Armed Forces at any time (currently serving, was honorably discharged, deceased, or retired).  The veteran does not have to have served in a war; proof of honorable service must be provided.  The required information is given on the Nomination Form, downloadable from the indicated link below. Acceptable forms of proof of service can be found at the bottom of the page.

We currently have nearly 7,000 veterans nominated to our digital wall of honor.  Our goal is to have 100,000 names recognized on our monitors.