Help Us Grow the Victory Garden

The Veterans Plaza Victory Garden is a living testimony to all those who have served in our military throughout the history of the United States. The soil that nourished the flowers in the garden contains more than 110 soil samples collected from cemeteries, battlefields, military bases, and embassies where American troops have served around the world. The soils are sterilized at the Colorado State University Soils Lab, to avoid non-native species invasion, and at each official Veterans Plaza event on Memorial or Veterans Day, the samples are mixed into the Victory Garden soil.

Participating in collecting soil samples for the Victory Garden is easy. Visit the Victory Garden page on the Veterans Plaza website, collect a soil sample (a small sandwich baggy works well), take a photo of the site, and write pertinent information about the significance of the site you have visited. We are collecting soils from the Revolutionary War to the present.

Please send your soil, picture, and information sheet to: Veterans Plaza of Northern Colorado, PO Box Q, Fort Collins, CO 80522. If you are traveling outside the United States and will be where Americans’ served or fought or are buried, please contact Veterans Plaza Board of Directors Member Rob Allerheiligen for a special permit and instructions.

Thank you for helping grow our Veterans Plaza Victory Garden.