Who may be listed on the Wall of Honor at the Veterans Plaza? Any U.S. Veteran from any state and any generation who has served with honor.

How do I nominate a veteran to be listed on the Wall?  Simply go to this page, download and fill out the form.  Send it in to us.  A veteran may self-nominate.

Is the Veterans Plaza open for public use?  Yes, request by following this link.

How does one donate to the Veterans Plaza and is the donation tax deductible?  The Veterans Plaza is a 501 c3 charity hence donations are tax deductible.  Follow this link to donate.

I would like a presentation regarding veterans and service to the nation at our school  or organization.  How do we arrange this?  Send us an email and we will respond and make arrangements with you.

How can I become involved in the efforts of the Veterans Plaza to honor our heroes?  You can contact us through this link.  We look forward to meeting you.