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In addition to the interviews of local service persons below, please visit the Remember and Honor youtube channel.

Remember and Honor records the stories of U.S. Veterans to create a permanent record of their history, so to never to be lost or forgotten. The veterans in these stories served in all branches of the U.S. Military during World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and in more recent conflicts like Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom. These are first-person, human experience accounts from people who were there in their own words.

Billy Thornton, US Army

Bill Funke, US Army

Willis Harmes, US Army

William Horne, US Army

Wilbur Fisk, Civil War

Virginia Huppe, World War I

Tony Seahorn, US Army

Ted Blevins Jr, US Air Force

Michael Pickett, US Army

Rob Allerhieligen, US Marine Corp

Richard Appleton Maxfield, Spanish American War

Seth Knight, US Navy

Revolutionary War

Phillip Benedict, US Navy

Richard Acott, US Marine Corp

Lee Anderson, US Army

Kenneth Ashley, US Marine Corp

Leland & Jessica Lebsack, US Army

Ken Buffington, US Navy

John Lange, US Air Force

Jerry Purcell, US Air Force

Gary Ricker, US Army

Karen & Rob Gaiennie, US Army

Donald Hallowell, US Air Force

Bruce Zeller, US Marine Corp