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  • Testimonials

  • Testimonials

I really want to thank you for the wonderful job the Veterans Plaza did honoring our WWII veterans last Memorial Day. My father, who has just turned 94, enjoyed himself immensely and told me it brought back many fond memories. You have made a difference in his life, and for this I am thankful beyond words.

Cheryl Fortier-Jackson

I served in Vietnam 1969 – 1970 as a door gunner. I have experienced many troubling feelings regarding the war and my friends lost. Visiting the Plaza when you had the Vietnam Wall on display gave me an opportunity to be with my brothers once again and share the same emotions with them and to heal. I plan on visiting again next time I am in Colorado. Thank you.

Paul K. Haubrich, SP5, Vietnam 69-70

My parents live in Fort Collins. When my family and I visited last summer Dad (Korean War Vet) took us to the Veterans Plaza. He was very proud to show us what you have created. He said it was the first time he felt he had received recognition for his service. Afterwards, he and I sat down and he told me of his experiences. This was the first time he and I have had this conversation.

Terry Culpepper